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"Feed all the hungry ones today. Bless all the animals with food we pray. " Amen

We are honored to have the privilege to help low income residents of our area receive high quality pet foods and pet supplies. When we welcome our recipients and their pets on Sundays it is heart warming to hear how the pet food we give helps relieve worries of "How can I afford pet food this week?" Some people will tell us they have gone without food to feed their beloved dog or cat.

There are so many homeless and starving animals and people in our world. Greater Good Charity is helping people and animals all over the world. Keep Our Pets Food Bank is proud to be an Ambassador an Distributor for Greater Good. We want to reach out to all who are struggling and in need of pet food. We are also here to provide pet food in bulk to 501c Animal Shelters, Animal Rescue Groups, Humane Societies and Animal Foster Groups. Share the word with people in need 843-575-7767 or 843-957-5974 Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Linked in. We are here to help. God bless the animals and those who help them.

Bill and Jennifer Donahue

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